Web Content

In 2012 (pre-Harvey Weinstein) I founded a campaign tackling sexual violence and victim-blaming called Red My Lips. It developed into a nonprofit, with over 500,000 participants, worldwide. I wrote all the copy on the website (and nearly everywhere else). 

Social Media

In addition to writing the website content for Red My Lips, I also managed the social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. However, Instagram was (by far) my favorite.


This is my personal blog. It's about coping with life's challenges. If you have a problem with potty-talk, you probably won't like it. But, if you do like it, we should probably be best friends. Also, you may begin to notice that I have a bit of a Snapchat problem.


For my master's thesis, I researched how therapists (who also create visual art) incorporate their artistic identity into their clinical work. I found it super interesting. To check it out, click below.

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